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Foundation of Fitness…Posture

Get yourself BACK in the Game! OK…raise your hand if you have ever had back pain! Exactly as I thought…everyone with a hand. Lets take a simple look at why most people have back pain. We know that it’s hard more »

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When to Run

For anyone with a gym membership, it is well known that the worst time to run is generally directly after the typical work day; finding an empty treadmill can be even more difficult than pushing yourself to even go to more »

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Reasons to Exercise

“I’m embarrassed to start working out.” “I want to lose some weight before I go to the gym.” “I’m out of shape.” Everyone has an excuse not to exercise but how about some excuses to exercise. Keeps your heart healthy: more »

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Get a Step Ahead of Stress with Exercise When You Travel

You probably understand the importance of a good fitness routine for your overall health. In fact, you may regularly incorporate a healthy exercise program in your daily life when at home. If you travel much, you’ve probably noticed the difficulties more »

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Exercising with Osteoporosis

About half of all women over 50, and about one out of every four men, will break a bone because of osteoporosis. Those with osteoporosis often think that exercising will lead to a fracture, but actually osteoporosis can help protect more »

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The Effects Of Alcohol While Body Building

Self control and will power are much like the muscles in your body. They require time, focus and dedication to build and strengthen. When it comes to abstaining from alcohol while body building or focusing on physical fitness, self control more »

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Is Your Partner Derailing Your Diet

Diet experts say it’s not unusual for those who are closest to you such as your BFF, significant others, or family members to try to get you off track from your weight loss goals. This trend is especially prevalent when more »

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