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Vision S7200HRT Suspension Trainer

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Now featuring Passport™ compatibility, the S7200HRT delivers exceptional ergonomics and stability, with motivating features to make workouts more enjoyable and effective. The variable stride motion allows you to change the emphasis on the muscles being targeted during your workout. The unique suspension design provides an exceptionally smooth feel, utmost comfort, and unmatched accessibility.

Vision S7200HRT Suspension Trainer

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Workout Options with Maximum Feedback
The S7200HRT features 20 innovative programs, including Sprint 8®, four HRT®, four custom user, three goal and four variable stride-based body-sculpting programs. Equipped with a telemetric chest strap, it allows you to conveniently monitor your heart rate. Multiple feedback windows on the Quick-Set™ LED display, one of which is dedicated to heart rate feedback. It also displays distance, time, strides per minute, resistance, incline, watts, calories and METs.

Unique Suspension Frame Design
Vision Fitness® Suspension Elliptical™ trainers offer an exceptionally smooth, stable and comfortable workout due to their unique suspension design and heavy-gauge steel frames. The S7200 is virtually silent and maintenance-free, due to the absence of friction created by the lower wheel track found on other elliptical designs.

PerfectStride® Technology
Vision's PerfectStride® technology combines an unique ergonomic elliptical footpath, pivoting footplates, incline variances and a variable stride length to help you experience the perfect stride motion.

Easy Access for All Users
A low step-up height and unobstructed rear access with side handlebars make our Suspension Elliptical™ trainers exceptionally easy to approach and start your workout.

Multi-position Dual-action Arms
The multi-position handgrips fit any user, allow different muscle emphasis and add variety to your workout.

Sprint 8®: The Perfect Fitness Solution
The exclusive 20-minute Sprint 8® workout program has been medically proven to boost energy, reduce body fat and promote lean muscle mass through a natural release of exercise-induced growth hormone.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring
The wireless Polar® receiver and free chest strap provide workout-friendly heart rate monitoring that is more convenient and accurate than traditional analog heart rate grips. This feature is ideal for those who need to track their pulse for target heart rate training.

Accessory Tray
The conveniently-located accessory tray will ensure that you have room to store anything you need during your workout.

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Model S7200HRT
Frame Type Suspension Elliptical™ frame
Variable Stride Length 51 - 58 cm / 20" - 23"
Step-on Height 23 cm / 9"
Incline Range 13% - 39%
Flywheel Weight 10.5 kg / 23 lbs.
Resistance System ECB-Plus™ magnetic braking system
Resistance Range 1 - 24
Pedal Spacing 5.1 cm / 2"
Handle Bar Type Multi-position with rubberized grip
Display LED with multiple feedback windows
Workout Feedback Incline, Distance, Time, Strides per Minute, Resistance, Watts, Calories, METS, Heart Rate
Programs Sprint 8, Intervals, Watts, Glute Burn, Summit Hike, HRT Cardio, HRT Weight Loss, HRT Interval, HRT Hill, 4 Custom Programs, 3 Goal Programs: Time, Distance, Calories - 16 total
Heart Rate Contact grips, Polar® wireless receiver and free chest strap
Passport™ Ready Yes
Accessories Water bottle holder and reading rack
Electrical Requirements 100 - 120V / 50 - 60HZ
Assembled Weight 147 kg / 323 lbs.
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 188 x 92 x 166 cm / 74" x 36" x 65.5"
Max User Weight 159 kg / 350 lbs.
Home Warranty - Frame Lifetime
Home Warranty - Brake 7 years
Home Warranty - Parts 7 years
Home Warranty - Labor 2 years
Commercial Warranty* - Frame 1 year
Commercial Warranty* - Parts 1 year
Commercial Warranty* - Labor 1 year
*Limited-use commercial warranty; less than 3 hours of use per day; no warranty on wear items