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Hoist - V4 Elite

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A top-rated design in the V-series stable, this gym provides the flexibility you need to be able to achieve your own very specific fitness goals at home. The compact design is sleek and attractive, and it requires very little floor space. This means it is easy to accommodate in a home gym, but may also be set up in a multi-functional room.

Hoist - V4 Elite

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Patented leg station allows you to perform both leg extension and leg curl exercises from the seated position. A range of motion adjuster provides multiple starting positions for both leg exercises. Incorporates self-aligning roller pads that adjust automatically to accommodate varying leg lengths.Multi-function back pad provides both telescoping and tilting adjustments for enhanced upper body support during chest, shoulder and back exercises.

The V4 is the ultimate press arm combining the range-of-motion adjustment of the V1 with the user-defined exercise movement of the V3 press arm. The versatile V4 press arm also includes attachable strap handles to further increase your workout choices.

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