Summer’s Almost Here! Get Your Beach Body Ready

Beach Body

Barbecues and summer vacations at the beach are just around the corner. It’s that time of year again to get beach body ready! Need a little help? Check out these great tips.

Eat Right
Eating three reasonable meals and two snacks a day will keep you satisfied and boost your metabolism. Here are a few healthy eating tricks:

1. Eat at least two servings of low-sugar fruit and three servings of vegetables a day. Eating the actual fruit and vegetables rather than juices that contain no fiber will save you calories!

2. Choose whole grains, as they have more Vitamins E and B6, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium and fiber. The complex carbohydrates will help you lose weight.

3. Say no to sugar-sweetened drinks. Choose drinks that have no or few calories and be wary of sodas and teas. Many of these beverages are high in sugar.

4.  Decrease the amount of pre prepared foods you eat such as frozen meals, canned soups, and food from restaurants. These foods are typically high in sodium and calories.

Get Moving
Start an exercise routine to burn calories and tone muscles.

Here’s a great video featuring an amazing summer weight loss workout that uses differing muscle groups to fatigue the body, raise the heart rate and burn calories. No fancy equipment necessary, just a few dumbbells and a Spri Xercise Ball!