Self control and will power are much like the muscles in your body. They require time, focus and dedication to build and strengthen. When it comes to abstaining from alcohol while body building or focusing on physical fitness, self control and will power are needed. Just like you would pass up fattening, sugary or high carbohydrates foods, alcohol does not typically fit into a healthy lifestyle. People typically do not consume alcohol for various reasons when sticking to a firm diet or trying to compete in body building or strength competitions.

The Effects Of Alcohol While Body Building:

Here are a few reasons why alcohol can interfere with an exercise routine:

•  Alcohol in any form is empty calories and there are simply no nutritional benefits that alcohol can offer you. For extreme weight lifters or athletes it is vital to consume the best foods that will give them the best nutritional benefits such as protein, vitamins and heart healthy fats. Alcohol will leave your body not only dehydrated, but you will be consuming excess carbohydrates that are not benefiting your workouts or your physique.

•  Alcohol does have the ability to slow down your metabolism. Studies have also shown that since alcohol is a natural depressant it can decrease strength, digestion time, reaction time, hand eye coordination and increase fatigue. None of these side effects are ideal for someone looking to improve their fitness to a peak level or for a professional athlete.

Ultimately drinking alcohol is a personal choice, just like physical fitness is. Many people find time to enjoy an occasional drink during a cheat meal but for those who do not take any risks, will completely abstain from alcohol. In social settings this may become difficult, especially due to peer pressure, but those who know your personal goals will respect your decision to not drink. When temptation comes across you, always remember your personal goals and the end result. This will help you pass up a drink.

For someone who has developed a serious problem with alcohol, rehab is not always necessary to overcome it. Will power and self control have the same effect on resisting alcohol as it does when staying on an extremely strict diet. It's important for people to know that they can change their drinking habits and be the person they want to be, regardless of their past history with heavy alcohol use.