OK gang, it's time for a heart to heart, yes 2nd Wind is an Equipment Retailer, and yes we want you to buy our equipment, no secret there, but there's something more important…we really do care.

We care about your health and we care about giving you value in what you purchase, that's why you will only find safe, high-quality equipment at the best possible prices it doesn't always mean we're the cheapest, but it does mean our equipment isn't cheap.

With all that said we think it's important to warn you about some things you will find out in the big bad world that are unsafe, unproven, unadvisable and just plain unacceptable.

In the last post we chatted about items that were unsafe and even a few that had safety recalls, with one that could actually sever off your fingers…yikes. This time I want to discuss some plain simple truths about realistic expectations and outlandish promises.

First off, if they use the word "easy", or they say "no dieting required" or give you a ridiculous time frame…don't believe it. Just like my parents taught me, anything worthwhile requires time and effort, there's no magic pill or button, getting in shape is a journey not a destination. I'm not going to spend too much time talking about fad diets, but beware of anything extreme, making adjustments to your diet and adding a regular exercise regimen is hard enough, if you've signed up for something extreme and ridiculous like the "Grapefruit Diet", you may indeed lose weight (mostly because your body is feeding on muscle stores as you starve yourself) but you are not adopting a new lifestyle that you can actually "live" with, and will most likely regain the weight when your eating habits return to "normal".

As far as meal-plans like NutriSystem go, 1st and foremost, they are expensive, and what they really offer is portion-control and pre-counted calories, for losing weight, it could be a good option, but are you going to eat NutriSystem's food for the rest of your life? I understand that it's more effort, but if you don't adopt the habits of portion control and healthier eating combined with exercise you will not be able to retain your weight loss once you finish the program. I often think about Marie Osmond, who became a spokesperson for NutriSytem while she was on "Dancing with the Stars", you don't suppose that grueling dance rehearsals had something to do with her dramatic weight loss do you? Even celebrities who have their own chefs and personal trainers have issues with keeping off the weight, because they go back to there same old tricks after they lose it.

Well, that's enough for this week, but next week we'll talk more about easy ways to adjust your eating and workout habits…did I say "easy"?!