There are several benefits to running on a machine as opposed to the outdoors.

  1. No need to worry about the weather:

    Running on a treadmill means running inside a temperature controlled environment. You don’t need to check the weather forecast or worry if those clouds up ahead looks like rain. No need to force yourself to run through extremely hot and humid weather or through bone chilling wing in the winter. You don’t need to stress about what to wear on your run or if you put enough sunscreen on too.

  2. Easier on your body

    Most running outdoors takes places on pavement. While the smooth surface is great since you don’t have to worry about tripping in a hole, pavement is incredibly cruel to your knees because it places a large amount of strain on them. Treadmills offer shock absorption, creating less stress for the knees. The extra cushioning and smooth surface also allows for easier runs.

  3. Simulate a race course

    If you are training for a race course, you can create a similar version to it using a treadmill. Most of the Midwest is pretty flat, and running on an endless flat road can get rather repetitive. Try mixing up your workout by adding in some hills to your run on a treadmill program.

  4. Running inside is safer

    Falling, cars, cyclists, dogs, getting lost, these are all hazards of running outside that can be avoided by running on a treadmill. You can also safely listen to music without having to worry about having to pay attention to your environment.