Author: Logan Axne, Store Manager / Certified Personal Trainer, Ankeny, IA


Welcome to 2016! This is the year to make those changes and focus on the fitness goals you hadn’t accomplished in previous years. Your journey starts today, but the path is filled with rough terrain and many obstacles. Here are a few tips to overcome common mistakes that can hurt or hinder your progress toward the new you!

Too Much, Too Fast

As a trainer, I want to push my clients beyond their comfort level to reach the results they are seeking. With that said, too many individuals dive into their workouts too aggressively and eventually fall off their fitness plan sooner than expected. Start steady and plan ahead. Make time in your weekly schedule to focus on exercise. Get the routine down first and add to the intensity later. You don’t have to run a marathon for your first workout; set comfortable paces and acclimate yourself to the new schedule before increasing the intensity. I recommend increasing duration first, then increasing intensity. Focus on exercising 2-3 times a week. Add in an extra day or two after you feel comfortable with your current routine, then start increasing the intensity.

Avoid Nutrition Supplements!

Every year, I have clients who come to me with goals in mind and the conversation of supplements inevitably comes to the forefront of our conversation. The word SUPPLEMENT is defined as, “something that completes or enhances something else when added to it”. If you don’t have the initial “something,” how can you complete or enhance it? Rather than driving to your local supplement store or buying bulk diet pills off of some exercise website, focus on setting a consistent meal plan. Every season, an astronomical number of individuals set out to try and achieve their desired physique. Too many people get caught up with flashy infomercials on supplements that advertised improved or faster results. We all know that a “Magic Pill,” doesn’t exist, but the marketing seems too appealing to not give it a try. Focus on your fitness regimen first. Protein shakes, energy boosters, weight loss supplements should be the last thing you worry about when embarking on a fitness journey.

It’s Not A Diet. It’s A Meal Plan

It’s January; time to start my diet. False. It is time to make educated and planned decisions regarding your caloric intake. Produce sections of grocery stores are often swarmed and carts are filled to the brim with various fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind, these are perishable and buying in large quantities doesn’t mean you’re set for the month. Schedule a time during the week to shop for foods that fit a set meal plan for that week. Prepare snacks and meals ahead of time. Avoid the “easy” approaches. Microwaveable meals, meal replacement bars, and shakes are often filled with high levels of carbohydrates and sugars to give better taste and the sensation of feeling “full.” Use herbs and citruses for seasoning instead of salts and condiments. Know what you’re eating and make it a healthy, consistent change for your new lifestyle.

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