Elizabeth Bauer - Burnsville Store - use You decided you want to start a new diet or fitness regimen GREAT - now where do you start?! If you're a Googler like me, you have already looked up a thousand fitness websites, blogs and instagram accounts and you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed - that's okay! The biggest thing is to make sure that you sit down and figure out what you want to achieve and the time-frame you're looking at. Figuring out the workouts and the diet are also important, but if you're not sure what you want to achieve, it becomes tough to figure out the right plan and diet for you. I've broken down three important things to think about when you're setting your plan:
  • Set a long-term goal
  • Set short-term goals
  • Celebrate!
Long-term goal:  When you've figured out what your ultimate goal is, whether it is to lose weight, become stronger, gain more energy, or just live a healthier lifestyle, this will be your long-term goal. It doesn't need to be a set-deadline, it can be more of an overall timeline. For example: "My goal weight is 140lbs", or "I want to be able to squat 200lbs", or even something as broad as "I want more energy to play with my kids or grandkids". It is important to note that when you reach your long-term goal, your journey is not over, make sure it is something that you can stay on top of long-term. Know your body and know what kind of time and energy you can put into the plan to make it attainable long-term. Short-term Goals: Short-term goals should be goals that you can reach along the way to your long-term goal. The most important information I can give you is to set the shorter goals to be attainable in the time-frame you set them, do not think 6 months from now, think today/tomorrow or this week. If your goal is to lose weight; lose 5 lbs. this month, getting stronger: squat 150 lbs this month, etc. If you can never reach your short-term goals, your long-term goal is going to be a daunting task you feel you can never reach, so keep them attainable! Celebrate!: Be sure to celebrate your short-term goals with a reward, i.e. a new outfit, or special night out. You want to make sure you feel like you've accomplished something great, that way the reward will make all of the hard work worth it!  If you have something to look forward to and work towards, you will feel a sense of urgency, as well as, pride when it is completed.  You also want to celebrate your long-term goal, and it should be much more grand than your short-term goal celebrations. You can take a trip, purchase a whole new wardrobe, or even something as simple as enjoying your wedding, or a friend's wedding.  Achieving the ultimate goal is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud! Get out there and CRUSH those goals, you deserve it!! Elizabeth Bauer is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant at the 2nd Wind Burnsville, MN store.