Author: Tedd Falk

Not every hotel has a fitness center and as much as you want to, you can’t throw your treadmill in your car. So when you are traveling on the road, think about bringing one of these tools to give you a challenging workout in a pinch:

1. TRX Suspension Kit: The TRX is extremely portable and easy to setup. You can hang it from a door using the door anchor attachment and off you go. The number of body weight exercises you can perform are endless, and can be as basic or as advanced as you want them to be.

TRX single leg squat 2. Resistance Bands: Another small and portable tool to use that can also be attached to a door. Resistance bands can be a great total body strength training workout. They come in different resistance levels for novice or advanced users, or for specific exercises.

3. Adjustable Dumbbells (EX. Powerblocks): Probably not the best thing to bring on a plane but if you’re driving to your destination you can certainly throw a pair of adjustable dumbbells in the trunk for you to continue your strength training program on the fly.

Mountain Climber Exercise 4. Jump Rope: Need a way to get an intense cardio workout on the road? Pack a Jump Rope! Try performing interval training with your jump rope by jumping fast for one minute, and then cooling down at a slow pace for the next. Continue this for 15 mins and I guarantee you’ll be sweating!

5. Exercise ball: Pick up an exercise ball with a portable pump so that six pack doesn’t disappear on the road. Need some ideas? Try the mountain climber exercise: Put your hands on the ball as if you were holding a high plank. Now, keeping your core tight, quickly alternate lifting your left and right leg as if you were climbing in place. Perform this for 3 sets of 30 seconds. This is a great core exercise and a quick way to get your heart rate up.

6. Yoga Mat: Yoga is a great fat burning workout, and will also help better your core strength and flexibility. All it requires is a mat and can be performed just about anywhere!