Fast Food the Healthy Way

Although it may be in your best interest to avoid fast food all together, there are few of us who can say we will never go to a fast food place ever again in our lifetimes. If you can’t avoid these type of restaurants completely, use the following tips to help you shave off some of the extra unhealthy calories that are ever-present in fast food today:

  • Order water or unsweetened iced tea instead of a soda
  • Skip the cheese
  • Ask for extra onions, lettuce, and tomato on your burger or sandwich
  • Go for grilled meat, not fried
  • Avoid fries altogether, or get the smallest size if you must have them
  • If you order a salad, only use half of the dressing packet
  • Say no to the special sauce - season food with hot sauce or mustard instead
  • Order a kid’s meal

If you follow these tips the next time you wind up at a fast food restaurant, you will get a reasonably portioned meal that doesn’t go overboard with the fat and sugar content!