picture of fitness equipment reviews

Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about equipment review websites. The fact is, all equipment reviews are not created equal, some are genuine, while others are as fake as the wood grain on a LeBaron Stationwagon.

Many sites are "affiliate marketers" which means that they are not impartial or objective, mainly because they get paid either "per click" or "per purchase" from vendors they are affiliated with. The FTC got wise to sites offering "reviews", but were actually profiting by referring you to vendors they were affiliated with and took action, these sites are now required to post a disclosure like this one. I don't know about you, but this really bugs me, it's like finding out Microsoft isn't going to send me money when I forward an email, or that I really didn't win the European Lottery (They said the funds were held up because they didn't have my bank account number). You and I both know that the internet is FILLED with incorrect, phony and dated information, so it's really annoying to discover that what I thought was a REAL resource…wasn't.

So where's the reliable info at when it comes to rating Exercise Equipment? Do any of you subscribe to consumerreports.org? I do, and it's money well-spent. The Consumer Reports name is one of the few out there that has established a degree of credibility and impartiality that many of us trust and rely on…I know I do. I've used their reviews quite often, and think they are an excellent and more importantly, reliable and unbiased source. Although CR only reviews a limited number of Treadmills and Ellipticals, the reviews are clear concise and easy to understand. CR did review a few items that 2nd Wind sells: for Ellipticals,  our Pacemaster Silver EXT and Octane Q37c both rated in the top five.

For Treadmills: Our PaceMaster Platinum Pro VR placed 3rd, our Vision T9600 was in the top-five and the Vision T9200s was a "Best Buy". Perhaps the most well-known free site for equipment reviews is treadmilldoctor.com, although they do have clearly marked "sponsored links" they do offer objective and well-written reviews for treadmills and ellipticals by just about every manufacturer there is, they also review other reviewers and warn consumers about affiliate marketers.

Many of the other sites are bogus, or just steal the reviews from the credible ones we mentioned, the bottom line is that you approach reviews skeptically and remember that although lots of equipment may seem good "on paper" there is no substitute for actually getting on the equipment and seeing how it fits YOUR body.