picture of fitness on vacation

As the days become shorter and the temperature drops it can only mean one thing…holidays and winter vacations!

If your like me, that often means copious amount of uber-rich sauces, decadent desserts and not a treadmill in site. Well I'm here to tell you that although the thought of not getting your workout maybe bittersweet, there are some very good reasons to find an alternative when your out-of-town.

The first and most important reason is muscle atrophy; I'm going to give you a very shocking fact, it takes only 24 hours for an unused muscle group to begin to atrophy, I'm not saying your muscles will waste away, but think of it this way: You've been "feeding" your muscles by working out in a regular routine, and if you take that away, your muscles are no longer receiving the fuel to keep them in their current condition.

So what are the solutions? Well, if your not at a resort or cruise ship with a fitness facility, then check out the local YMCA or Wellness center, they all have short term passes or day rates. You may also be able to get a day pass or even a free trial at the local health club, and if your out in the country at your mother-in-laws ranch in the middle of nowhere, consider something like chopping wood, carting hay, or anything that's available to get your blood pumping.

The bottom line is this, don't become sedimentary, it will take your workout back three steps and your body will make you feel it when you get home and get back on your equipment.