Which is Better?

While folding treadmills are a great space saver, are they really the better option for your money?
Unfortunately, due to the necessary design the great majority of folding treadmills are only suitable for light use because the joint in the middle or front of the machine reduces the ability to withstand the constant force that hard running puts on the frame, console and lower electronics.

Space Saver vs. Durablity

This is why you do not see fold up treadmills at your local health club or in commercial applications. Additionally, an added benefit of the non-folding class of treadmills is that they often have a better shock absorption system. There are a few exceptions but that's the main difference between folding versus non-folding treadmills. Of course, whether or not a fold up treadmill is the right fit really depends on what you want and need from the treadmill.

How To Choose a Folding Treadmill

If your needs lend to the space saving, easy to move, fold-up style then try to look for one that has a separate pedestal and a one-piece deck that folds up independently of the pedestal. Need an easy way to test that? If the console elevates while the deck is inclining, then that machine does not have the separate pedestal design, and always remember to check the warranties or ask about extended warranties offered through the store.