The biggest barrier to working out is seeing it as “work”. Sometimes all we need is a little fun to keep us going! If you need some exercise motivation, give the following tips for making your workout seem less like work and more like play a try:

  • If you love to read, try reading while riding a stationary bike! Reading can be a fun distraction while working out – just make sure you don’t slack in your pedaling progress!
  • Instead of being a couch potato the next time you watch TV, hop on a treadmill or elliptical while you watch your favorite shows! Or, try doing a certain amount of crunches or jumping jacks between commercial breaks.
  • Try working out with a partner. Setting a time and place when you will exercise together will both be more fun and keep you from talking yourself out of working out in the end!
  • Make a playlist of up-beat pump-up songs that energize you and keep you moving! Fast paced songs that you love will keep your body and mind stimulated, making you less likely to slack off during a workout.