The New Hoist Workout Journal iOS App From Hoist Fitness

Hoist Workout Journal

HOIST® Fitness Systems has released an exercise app for the iPad, complete with over1,100 High-Definition images and animations, exercise videos, and workout logs thatwill track your progress on HOIST consumer products. It works with all types of HOISTconsumer products including V1 Select/Elite, V3 Select/Elite, V4 Select/Elite, V6, V-CORE, V-ROX, V-PRIME, V-EXPRESS, PTS, and V-Gym Options.
This app will allow those with HOIST® fitness equipment to fully utilize their machines,making sure they get the best workout possible. It will track a user’s body weight andmetrics (chest, arms, thighs, etc.) It was also graph a user’s progress and can export theuser’s workout history.
500+ unique workouts in 50+ full workout routines for all fitness levels are included inthis app; you will also have the ability to create your own workout routine. Frequentupdates to the app will be made, ensuring its high quality.
For those with a HOIST® Fitness System, this app will allow you to sustain motivationand enforce commitments to your fitness goals