A Treadmills Deck Showing in Detail the Belt

Does Your Treadmill Belt Need Adjusting?

To test if your belt needs adjustment run the treadmill on a low speed and check to see if the belt has shifted slightly to one side, you can see this by looking at the gap on the edges between the belt and the frame.

How to Fix a Shifted Treadmill Belt

If it has shifted then unplug the treadmill and look for the rollers. Occasionally the rollers are held in place by the covers themselves. If your roller is not held in place by a cover you should remove the covers over the rollers, and as many treadmills are different check your user's manual for cover removal procedures.

The next step is to find your drive roller. The drive roller is usually your front roller, and it is the roller that actually drives the belt. Your rollers will have a shaft on them that remains stationary as the roller itself turns. The adjustment points are attached to this shaft, and are used to move the roller toward the front or rear of the unit.

The most common way of adjusting the rollers is a bolt threaded through the shaft of the roller. If your drive roller is your back roller than usually you will have easy access to this bolt. To adjust simply rotate the bolt 1/4 turn clockwise on the side toward which the belt has shifted and test again.

Similarly if you feel the belt slipping under your feet, then it needs tightening. Rotate both left and right roller adjustment bolts the same amount. Be sure to check your user’s manual for detailed instructions for your particular make and model.