Weeks 1-2

Strength Workout 1 (upper body/core, less than 20 minutes)

25 push-ups

1 min plank

1 min hollow hold/Banana

20 tricep Push-ups

1 min Superman/locust

Each round has a time cap of five minutes. If you do not finish in 5 minutes, rest for 1 minute then start where you left off for your next round. Repeat 3 times.

Modifications: Push-ups and planks can be done kneeling; If needed, bend knees for hollow hold and keep legs down for locust. Option, reduce push-ups and tricep push-ups by five each round.

Strength Workout 2 (lower body/full body)

10 Burpees

25 bodyweight squats, full depth

20 foot Bear Crawl

Stepping Lunges – alternate legs, 12 each side

20 foot Bear Crawl

Side Plank, 20 sec each side

Complete the round in 6 minutes. Repeat 3 times. If you do not finish in 6 minutes, rest 1 minute and start where you left off for your next round.

Modifications: Squats should be done to full depth (butt drops lower than your knees). If you cannot do full depth, you may place a low chair behind you to provide a target to squat to and get up from. You may also do less than full depth. Squats may be substituted for the lunges if needed. Squats may be reduced by 5 and lunges by 3 (each side) for second and third rounds.

Weeks 3-4

Strength Workout 3 (Using Bands)

Each exercise should be done 12 times (on each side of the body) before moving to the next exercise.

Complete each Super-set three times.

SuperSet 1:

Tricep Dips: Using a chair, place hands outside of hips on the chair. Dip your hips as low as possible while keeping your bottom near the chair. Bring legs in close to make it easier, far away to increase challenge.

Shoulder Extension with Tricep Kickback: Anchor band to a low point. Facing the band, grip the band to extend your arm away from your body. Then bend and straighten your arm while keeping your shoulder in position. That’s one rep. (here’s an image. Just add the tricep kick back to that… https://fruitfulsteps.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/ther-ex-0062.jpg)

Superset 2


Pallof Press (using resistance band): Anchor band and turn so that your side faces it. Hold the band at chest height. Maintaining tension, extend arms to press away from your body. Return.

Here is a quick demo… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g921oqINXFQ

Superset 3

Bent Row: Anchor the band to a low point and face the band. Holding it in each hand, bend over, make a rowing movement so that your elbows come behind your body as you press your shoulder blades towards each other.

Rear Delt Fly: Face side on to your band and bend over so that your upper body is parallel to the floor. Using the hand furthest from the band, grip the band and extend the arm away from you so that it is in line with the shoulder and also parallel to the floor. Return your arm to the starting position.

(example) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxvznn2y3Ms  

Strength Workout 4

Superset 1

Front Squats: Complete full depth squat holding a heavy dumbbell in front of the chest

Squat Press: Holding dumbbells at shoulder height, complete a full squat. As you stand, press the weight overhead.

Superset 2

Weighted front lunge: Holding a plate at chest height, step forward into a lunge. Step together. Then step the other leg forward.

Lunging Pallof Press: Anchoring band at a middle point. Stand in a lunge position. At the bottom of the lunge, press hands forward to extension. Stand while keeping feet in beginning lunge position. Repeat 6 times

Superset 3

Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls: In a wide leg position with dumbbells on the floor centered under the body, bend to pick up the dumbbells keeping chest upright. Keeping the dumbbells close to the body and elbows high, shrug shoulders to lift dumbbells to chest height (here’s an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjh2-gR6ijw

Squat with Side Leg Raise: Holding a shallow squat position (hips above knee level), step your right leg to the right. Stay in the squat position on the left leg. Raise your right leg up and touch it down. Repeat up to 12 times before completing reps on the left.

Weeks 5-6

Strength Workout 5

Circuit style: each station is 60 seconds. Complete two stations then rest for one minute before the next pair of stations.

Jack Push-ups: from high plank positions jump hands and feet wide to low push up position, return to high plank position.

Jump to Squat Clean: From a standing position with dumbbells at your side, jump forward to a wide squat position catching dumbbells at your shoulders. Jump back to starting position.

Rest (1 min)

Scissor Lunges (jump into a lunge position then immediately jump into a lunge with the other leg forward)

Mountain Climbers

Rest 1 min


Alternate Dumbbell Pushups: Place a dumbbell under your right hand to raise it up. Complete 6 push ups, move it to your left hand, complete six pushups. Repeat

When you finish, repeat the circuit placing the other exercise first, so that station 1 is Jump to Squat Clean followed by Jack Pushups, etc.

Modifications: Remove jump or weight from any movement. Squats can be substituted for lunges.

Strength Workout 6

Home Gym Friendly Wall Balls: Using a Dynamax Ball, complete a full squat holding the ball at chest height, when you stand extend heels up and reach ball overhead as though throwing it up the wall in front of you. That’s one rep.

Sit up Ball Passes: Using the Dynamax ball, facing the wall as though prepared to do push ups. When you lie down, your arms bring the ball to the floor over your head, when you sit up, pass the ball to the wall, catch it and repeat.

Each station is 5 minutes.  Complete as many reps as you can. Repeat each station 1 time.