Training for a race or even just for personal motivation can be tough to do. Creating a log of your activity can help you track your improvements and is a great motivational tool!

You can create your own training log by getting a spiral notebook, composition book, or making a spreadsheet on your computer. Create headings such as time, distance and number of breaks. You could make a column where you rate how you felt about this run on a 1-10 scale.

You can also track your progress online by using sites such as or

To make sure you are eating right and getting enough nutrients to sustain your exercise routine, you can track what you are eating. Set up a separate column for food, and keep notes on what you ate, what time, and approximately how many calories.

If you are running in races, create separate entries for your race results. Be sure to include the race name, date, distance, pace, your overall place, and your age group place.

Check back at the history of your log periodically to review your progress. You'll learn how you reached your goals or understand why you may not be improving as much as you'd like and can make adjustments accordingly. If you're tracking your foods, you'll be able to see what works best for your performance.