How To Raise Healthy Kids

Personal fitness is important at any age, especially for children and teens.  There are other ways to have kids enjoy physical fitness besides signing them up for sports teams or dragging them along to the gym.

Young kids:

Make a walk into an adventure: Switch up the way you move, every half-block walk like an elephant, skip, etc.

Play simple, active games:  Hide-and-go-seek, tag, ring-around-the-rosy, etc. are all still fun games


Consider a class or a team: Have your children try out different sports, just because they don’t like one sport doesn’t mean they will hate all of them.  Make sure you don’t drop them off and leave, stay and cheer for them during their games.  Let them know you are happy that they are being active and trying hard.

Encourage active after-school play: When the weather is nice and your child has friends over, refuse to let them stay in the house! Being outside will force them to be active.


Limit screen time: Unless its being used for homework, don’t let you teens spend hours on the computer.  Try turning off the TV in the afternoon, if you don’t get to watch TV, neither do they.

Get away for the day: Spend a weekend day hiking, canoeing, cycling, snowshoeing, etc.  Try exposing your kids to physical activity all year round so they will always have plenty of options when it comes to choosing an aerobic activity.