Author: Tedd Falk

Folding Elliptical If you have ever looked at a piece of fitness equipment and said these exact words you are not alone. Luckily, there might be an option out there for you!

Let’s first get one thing straight. If there was such a thing as an elliptical, treadmill, or bike that could fit snug into a corner and was durable, natural feeling, smooth, and comfortable, we would never sell anything else. The problem is, there is a reason the equipment is so big and it’s because of all those adjectives above. When you start shrinking an exercise machine, you typically start to lose out when it comes to durability and comfort.

But there is hope! Did you know that a lot of the equipment out there today can fold up? Yes, folding treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes are becoming more and more popular today and can save you that little extra space to fit your favorite piece of equipment in that spare bed room. But, buyer beware, there can be some disadvantages to a folding machine. A treadmill for instance, might have a lighter deck to make it easier to fold. This will unfortunately take away from the strength and stability of the machine. When in doubt, always try it first. Going back to our treadmill example, take a jog on the machine to make sure it doesn’t feel too flimsy and take a look at the folding mechanism itself. Does it look like the machine is folding on top of any parts that are vital to the operation of the machine, say the front roller? These are all things to keep into consideration, and always make sure to ask your sales associate to become as informed as possible. Just a few examples of machines that we like and can fold are the LifeSpan 4000i treadmill, Vision Fitness TF40 treadmill, and the Vision Fitness XF40 elliptical.

Ok, now for the free weight dilemma. There is no way I can fit a whole rack of dumbbells in my home! Yes, not everyone has a dedicated home gym space and that is why adjustable dumbbells exist. Adjustable dumbbells, like PowerBlocks, include a variety of weight selections in one dumbbell with weight varying anywhere from 5lbs-90lbs depending on how much you need. They are easy to use and tend to be less expensive than piecing together a set of individual dumbbells. They also usually include a small rack option for added convenience.

Now that you have some ideas of options and what to look for, it’s time to work out!