Reducing the pain of everyday life is incredibly important if you want to engage in an effective exercise program. Chronic low-grade pain saps energy and takes away the desire to workout.

Here are few practical solutions that, if done regularly, may help to ease that pain:

1) Stretch your hip flexors:

The hip flexors are a group of muscles that act to flex the femur into the lumbo-pelvic complex. When you sit all day, this group of muscles is put into flexion for an extended period of time, causing them to essentially shorten. This pulls the pelvis down, causing a compression of the muscles of the spine. This, in turn, can cause intense pain.

Hip Flexors

Here is a hip flexor stretch. While this one is performed on a PowerPlate, it can also be performed on the floor:

2) Stop doing hyper extensions:

Unless you have been directed by a doctor, physical therapist or have an underlying reason that your spine is destabilized, stop doing this exercise. Over-strengthening of the erector spine can lead to compression of the spine and exacerbate other common muscular imbalances. Try performing exercises that work to strengthen the whole core as a unit (such as planks).

Here is an example of a plank on a PowerPlate. Again, this can also be done on the ground:

Try these and see if it helps. As with all pains, these are meant to be suggestive only. You should consult with a physician before undertaking any exercise recommendations found anywhere.