Author: Tedd Falk

Is your regular workout on the treadmill or elliptical getting old? Try pushing that interval training button on the console of your exercise equipment for a new challenge!

Interval training is a workout consisting of short, alternating bursts of high intensity activity and light intensity activity. For instance, if you enjoy walking outside, you could begin to jog every 30 seconds. By doing this you will now combine aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise. What does that mean?

Aerobic exercise can vary in intensity based off the individual, but when exercising you are sufficiently generating enough oxygen to meet energy demands and this type of exercise can be performed for longer periods of time. Anaerobic exercise is higher in intensity to the point where lactic acid will begin to form. This type of exercise would more likely be performed by an athlete such as a short distance sprinter.

Well I’m no athlete so how will this help me? To start, more intense exercise will in fact burn more calories, and I think we all know why this is important. Your Aerobic capacity will also improve, so that 30 minute workout on the elliptical can turn into 45 minutes. Or, you will be able to perform that 30 min workout at a quicker pace, which again will increase your calorie burn. Lastly, it will keep you from getting stuck in the same old routine. Anyway we can motivate ourselves to get back on our exercise equipment and challenge ourselves to become a healthier person is a good thing.

The Octane Fitness 30:30 workout is a great example of an intense interval training workout: