Exercise and good sleep reduce the risk of cancer. Can’t get the good sleep? Exercise can improve that too!

There is a well established link between physical activity and the reduced risk of cancer, according to James McClain, P.h.D., of the National Cancer Institute. McClain studied nearly 6,000 women for almost 10 years and found that women in the top half of physical activity levels showed about 20% lower risk of cancer.

Exercise’s ability to reduce the risk of many cancer types including breast and colon has been theorized to be a result of physical activity’s effect on hormone levels, immune functions and body weight.

Watch McClain’s video clip and learn more:

How can exercise help prevent breast cancer? While the exactly how exercise reduces breast cancer hasn’t has been sufficiently established scientists say exercise’s ability to alter hormone levels may deter cancer.

Why is sleep important and how can exercise improve it? McClain also concluded that women sleeping less than seven hours a day increased overall cancer risk!! Luckily, exercise is also beneficial to improving sleep length and quality by increasing sleep-promoting substances in the brain.

Therefore…Adding to or increasing your daily exercise routine is an active way for you to enhance your sleep and ward off cancer!

For more information check out the original Research:

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