Managing Your Weight During The Holidays

It is the time of the year when we eat more, drink more, spend more, and sleep less. With all the holiday parties serving a plethora of calorie-dense holiday treats, we end up consuming more alcohol, snacks, and finger foods than we normally would.

But you don’t have to let holiday festivities derail you from your diet plan! Use the following tips to help you manage your weight during this tempting time of year:

Keep moving

Although this is probably a time of year when you are very time-crunched, it is important not to leave your fitness routine behind in the dust. Moving your body not only burns calories and improves your metabolism, but it keeps you healthy feeling your best. A key component of managing your weight during the holidays is balancing what you eat with exercise.

Control the risk for temptation

Avoid taking multiple trips to the break room at work if you know it has an intriguing spread of sweets staring at you. At parties, try not to socialize around the snack table since that could lead to mindless grazing. Out of sight, out of mind!

Go healthy with gifts

Ask your friends and family to give you gifts that promote a healthy lifestyle. These gifts could range from types of exercise equipment such as free weights, a blender for making healthy smoothies, or a fruit basket.

Eat and drink in moderation

If you can’t resist indulging in your holiday favorites such as eggnog or gingerbread cookies, go ahead and eat them, but do so with caution and moderation. Keep track of how much you put in your mouth so that you don’t overeat. In the days surrounding your goodie indulgence, make sure to eat extra healthy and exercise!

Get enough sleep

A lack of sleep causes weight gain. If you make an effort to always get 7 or more hours of sleep per night, your body will thank you! Since many people can be short on time during the holidays, try practicing some time-saving tips such as shopping for gifts online to make more room for fitting pillow-time into your schedule.