In case you are still on the fence about adding strength training to your workout I came across a study from Colorado State University that had some interesting results for those of us who might want lose a little weight!

What Happened?

In this study men were given 90 minutes to perform 10 different weight lifting exercises. Their resting metabolism was measured before and after. The scientists found a significant increase in their metabolism two hours later and then again the next morning.

What does this mean for me?

If you want to lose weight try to add in some weight training a couple days a week. It will raise your resting metabolism. That means that for the rest of the day when you are walking around living life you will burn more calories than you would otherwise!

If you have never done any strength training before here is an easy way to get started with just a couple of weights and a medicine ball.

Click here to check out the original research.

*The above suggestions are for informational purposes only please consult a physician or fitness professional before beginning any exercise program to ensure you are healthy enough to exercise!