Get the most out of your purchase by caring for your treadmill correctly


When you first set up your treadmill use a level to make sure that is on an even surface and be sure to purchase a treadmill mat! The mat makes it easier to clean around the machine and can also help to smooth out any small dips in the floor. Do not place your treadmill on carpet as this will cause friction and ultimately burn out your treadmill, also running a treadmill on carpet is likely to ruin the carpet. If you must place your treadmill on carpet then a mat is an absolute must-have to protect both your treadmill and your carpet! If possible, keep the door to your exercise room shut to keep pet hair and dust away from the treadmill and keep the console out of direct sunlight.


It’s important to keep your treadmill clean as dust that works its way under the belt or into the motor housing can make the machine run hotter and significantly reduce its lifespan. Try to keep a separate pair of sneakers for use on the treadmill that you don’t wear outside. Do not use soaps, rubbing alcohol or solvents to clean your treadmill, these solvents will eventually dry out the rubber and plastic parts of the console. To clean your treadmill use a water-dampened soft cloth and once a week, vacuum around and under the treadmill. It is suggested that roughly four times per year you lift the motor hood and vacuum out the dust in this area as well.


Your treadmill is unlikely to need lubrication within the first year but after that you may need to lubricate twice a year or quarterly. You will have an easier time if you select a treadmill that is lubricated strictly with silicone compared to one lubricated with petroleum or paraffin wax. To test if your treadmill needs to be lubricated lift the sides of the belt and feel the surface of the deck. If the deck feels dry you need to reapply lubrication.

To lubricate position the belt so the seam is on top and in the center. Lift the side of the belt and position the spray nozzle between the belt and deck, about 6” from the front of the treadmill and spray from front to back for 5 seconds. Move to the other side and repeat then let set for 1 minute.

Belt Adjustments:

When running many people favors one leg over the other and this gradually moves the belt to one side and causes it to rub against the side rail or end caps. Uneven flooring can also cause this issue. To test it run the treadmill on a low speed and check to see if the belt has shifted slightly to one side. If it has shifted then unplug the treadmill find your drive roller and turn the roller adjustment bolt 1/4 turn clockwise on the side toward which the belt has shifted. Similarly if you feel the belt slipping under your feet, then it needs tightening. Rotate both left and right roller adjustment bolts the same amount.