picture of scenic walks and bike rides

The prospect of not being able to take a nice (and distracting) scenic walk in favor of a treadmill in a room that may not even have a window to the outside world is depressing…I freely admit that. But we live in the Midwest, and as you may have already noticed, the mercury is dropping.

Making the move to indoor exercise when you've been absorbing as much of the great outdoors as possible can be a difficult transition. Distraction is an important part of my cardio-workout…if I don't have something to occupy my attention, I start clock-watching, and when that happens I have officially made the leap from "pleasant-little-work-out" to "when-will-this-chore-be-over". I realize that many people LOVE their workout, and are sad when it's over, but I (like most people) am not like that.

So what are we going to do about it? I've been thinking about this for awhile, and the answer is that you may need a new distraction besides TV and your ipod. Like many of you, I have my ipod in, and have a delightful selection of all my favorite tunes, but after awhile they just become the background music to my clock-watching, here's a great solution…if you haven't explored the world of pod-casts, now is the time! You can find a pod-cast for almost anything, your favorite news program, audio book, talk-show, comedian, you name it, they are all out there (and many are absolutely free).

The first place to go would be the itunes store. Click on the podcast category at the top, all sorts of options will pop up, pick something and it will load on your ipod for later, choose it just like you would music. I like the news and comedy programs personally, but the sky's the limit…

The best part about podcasts, for me is that because my brain is engaged, the time goes quicker (and I also get my news or politics-fix), try it your self, it ain't walkin around the lake…but it really works!