picture of low fat sandwiches

So here you are health focused, exercising regularly, taking your vitamins, trying to eat healthy but you seem to have stalled or maybe your just not losing any weight at all. Take out; eating in the car and working lunches are just a fact of our lives these days as things seem to just get progressively busier.

The problem is that the supposedly healthy option may not always be that great. So the key is to plan ahead  (we made this big to make a point) know what is going into your body and when in doubt take the time to look things up. We tend to be creatures of habit so look up the menus of the restaurants and the nutritional information of the products you eat.  In the end you will get to your goals faster if you know for sure rather than relying on flashy signs and advertisements claiming health benefits.

Let’s take a look at a typical day eating out.  Listed are the bad, the deceiving and the best option for eating.

Breakfast At Starbucks

Running late stop in when you get your morning coffee

Classic Coffee Cake (not good) Nutrition Facts Per Serving (113 g) Calories 440 Total Fat 19g 30% Total Carbohydrate 63g  Protein 6g

Reduced Fat Coffee Cake (not that much better actually) Nutrition Facts Per Serving (124 g) Calories 350 Total Fat 10g 16% Total Carbohydrate 58g Protein 7g

In the end only a savings of 90 calories or approximately 7 min on an elliptical

Egg White Spinach and Feta Wrap  (winner) Nutrition Facts Per Serving Calories 280 Total Fat 10g Total Carbohydrate 33g Protein 18g

Lunch at Jimmy Johns

Its got to be better than greasy hamburgers and fry’s right?

Hunters Club (might as well have a Big Mac) Nutrition Facts Per Serving (388.75 g) Calories 807.3 Total Fat 34.77g Total Carbohydrate 66.7g Protein 51.67g

Hunters Club Unwich (little better but still a lot of fat) Nutrition Facts Per Serving (310.75 g) Calories 470 Total Fat 34.88g Total Carbohydrate 3.93g Protein 37.47g

Little better saved 337 total calories but still 35g of fat is really high and with out a mixture of carbs and protein you will feel less full and be dragging in a couple of hours.

Turkey Tom no mayo (Winner) Nutrition Facts Per Serving Calories 321.9 Total Fat .83g Total Carbohydrate 50.27g Protein 24.4g

Snack at a Gas Station

On the run and need to eat be careful!

Snickers (duh it’s a candy bar) Nutrition Facts Per Serving (1 bar) Calories 280 Total Fat 14g Total Carbohydrate 35g Protein 4g

Met-RX Big100 (looks like all the others but is actually a meal replacement) Nutrition Facts Per Serving (1 bar) Calories 400 Total Fat 12g Total Carbohydrate 44g Protein 31g

Uh oh actually added 120 calories better add that time back onto the elliptical.

Peanut butter Luna bar (winner) Nutrition Facts Per Serving Calories 180 Total Fat 6g Total Carbohydrate 26g Protein 9g

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