(or at least make your body most efficient)

How: Studies show that the inorganic nitrate, found in many vegetables, lowers the oxygen demand during a workout thus making energy production more efficient.

So what: Eating vegetables can help you build muscles!

But what to eat? Studies have seen proven nitrate equivalent to two or three red beets or a plate of spinach will do the trick. So go ahead and try out a new recipe!

Find out more: In a recent study comparing nine healthy young men who performed varying tests after two separate 3 day periods taking a nitrate supplement compared with a group who took the same tests but were given a placebo it was discovered that the group of men taking nitrate supplements had a lower oxygen demand. This means energy production was more efficient.

And guess what else? The same study shows that dietary nitrate produces nitric oxide (with the help of bacteria in the mouth) has also been shown to lower blood pressure. So make sure you keep eating those veggies!

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