Author: Logan Axne, Store Manager and C.P.T (Clive, IA) adjustable stride elliptical

Get Started!

As a personal trainer, I have encountered many clients who have spent years desiring to make a change in their life in regards to fitness. It has varied from general weight loss for cosmetic appearance to doctor ordered exercise to prevent illness or death. Much like eating your vegetables and drinking water, most people generally know exercise is important to stay healthy, but the application is often delayed.

  • “I’m starting my diet on Monday.”
  • “I’m waiting until after the holidays to start exercising.”
  • “I’m too busy this time of year, but will start once things settle down.”
  • I was talking to one of my fitness mentors one day, and I mentioned not having time to workout for the next few days because of a busy schedule. He responded by reminding me that everyone has the same amount of time in a day. If it’s a priority, you will make the time for it. If it’s not, you will find an excuse not to. I believe this is so true for fitness.

    Get a Goal!

    Upon meeting any client for the first time, I always ask why they are looking to start a journey into fitness. Regardless of experience and their fitness level, it seems like everyone has a general idea of what they would like to achieve with fitness.

    • “I want to LOSE WEIGHT”
    • “I want to TONE UP.”
    • “My doctor says I need to START EXERCISING.”

    These are good motivational phrases to get someone started, but they aren’t goals. The best way to build a consistent program is to set goals with data you can track. If you can follow your progress with QUANTITATIVE data, you are more likely to continue working toward your goals. Set short, intermediate, and long-term goals you can track and a timeframe in which you want to reach this goal. If you’d like to lose 20lbs, pick a finish date and set short and intermediate goals to stay on track. If it’s over three months, break it down by months and weeks to help make the goal seem less overwhelming. Many doctors prescribe exercise to their patients, but do not elaborate on what that means. Hypertension is very common, and many people want to lower their blood pressure, pick a goal of what number you’d like to reach just like weight loss.

    Get Informed!

    In the fitness industry, there are hundreds of thousands of workouts and diets. Some are methodically designed by educated health and fitness professionals to help with specific goals, others may be written by journalists trying to attract readers or a celebrity trying to earn money promoting a certain brand or product.

    “The great thing about the Internet is there is so much information available. The problem with the Internet is there is so much information available.”

    I have spent my adult life studying and training to help individuals reach their goals. I have a degree in health, a certification in training, and years of hands on experience. One of my favorite analogies I make to my clients is asking who does their taxes. Some people go to a trusted Internet site, others may attempt to try them on their own, but typically they take them to a Certified Public Accountant to be submitted. It seems sensible that you would go to a professional for significant life decisions, and fitness should be one of those decisions you may need guidance. Find a professional who has experience in the fitness industry and the qualifications to help make a specific plan for you. Everyone has different goals and different needs to reach those goals, having someone to help direct and keep you on track can inevitably be the difference between reaching a goal and falling back to old habits.

    Get Healthy!

    After you’ve established goals and have equipped yourself with the proper information, get going! Keep your goals in mind and remember, no matter your pace, you are always making progress! Don’t quit! Find a support group; friends, coworkers, spouses can all be great to help keep motivation and retention to a schedule. Make it a routine and have fun!

    Logan’s Tips For Success
    • Never skip a Monday workout. (Start the week off on the right foot)
    • Never go two consecutive days without physical activity or exercise
    • Eat with a purpose. (Give thought to the food you consume)
    • Stay hydrated. (Make sure to be drinking plenty of water)
    • Record your progress! (Make a Journal and note your success)

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