Take Summer In Stride!

Summer Weight Gain?

When it comes to prepping to fight seasonal weight gain, most people think of winter, with its holidays and decreased activity can easily lead to weight gain. Summer can be equally as dangerous as winter. These warm months—with their backyard barbeques, campfire s’mores, and delicious ice cream treats—can weigh down your scale.

Quick Tips:

For large gatherings, try making lighter sides. Pasta and potato salad is popular at barbeques, but just one cup can be upwards of 500 calories! Use whole-wheat pasta and light vinaigrette or low-fat dressing and mayonnaise.  Try skipping the carb-heavy salads all together. Try picking up locally grown vegetables at a farmers market and tossing a salad together. For a fresh alternative try mixing in salsa as a dressing instead of salad dressing. Salsa has 4 calories in just one tablespoon compared to 73 in ranch dressing.  Also at the farmers market, pick up seasonal fresh fruit for dessert. Watermelon is great in the summertime, with only 46 calories per cup, its also 92% water, helping to keep you hydrated while enjoying the sun.  Make sure to drink plenty of water, add a lemon or lime slice for some flavoring, or drink seltzer water. Popular summer drinks like lemonade, sweetened iced tea, beer, or a margarita are filled with unnecessary calories that won’t fill you up and could make you dehydrated instead.

Enjoy The Summer: Get Out and Active!

Remember to take full advantage of the warm weather, it won’t be around forever! Spend a day kayaking or canoeing, or go for a bike ride on a nature path. Beaches aren’t just for laying out and catching a tan—try cooling down by going for a swim or going in deep enough just to tread water. If you want to run, try going in the morning or early evening to beat the heat—the sun sets much later now so you don’t have the excuse that you have run out of time.