For decades runners have been looking for alternatives to training to save wear and tear on their joints and their body. Steppers, bikes, rowers were all products they tried to incorporate, but the biggest breakthrough in low impact training was the elliptical (cross trainer) revolution in fitness. The elliptical category has evolved over time to bio mechanically feel more comfortable and offer a dynamic training platform in a non-impact environment. However, even the most technologically advanced models still leave runners wanting more.

With the Octane Fitness launch of the ZERO runner (ZR8000) in 2016 low impact running training has fully evolved. Unlike elliptical machines that require the user to follow a set path of limited motion, the ZR8000 allows users to seamlessly transition from a walk, jog, run, and up to a 58” degree sprint. The ZR8000 has independent hip and knee joints allowing each user to find their natural walking and running motion.

The ZERO runner will create a buzz to any facilities fitness floor. But best of all are some other advantages; no electricity costs, quiet operation and minimal maintenance and service needs, unlike a treadmill. The ZERO runner is sure to change the future of low-impact training by providing the most natural way to replicate real running form.