Every day we are bombarded with images of seeming perfection staring back at us from the cover of magazines, tabloids, and advertisements.

Beyond the extreme diets, plastic surgery and performance enhancing drugs that many use to achieve impossible results there is the full time touch up artists doctoring every photo to achieve something unattainable.

So should I just give up?

Absolutely not! Use these tips to help you set realistic fitness goals!

  • → Set goals that are difficult but attainable. When we strive for the unattainable we are setting ourselves up to fail!
  • → Set small measurable goals. Every journey starts with a single step. Make each goal small enough that it doesn't seem impossible
  • → Compete against yourself. Every individual is different so comparing your results to those of others doesn't make sense and can lead to frustration.
  • → Make it a lifestyle. Remember will power will only get you so far when you create healthy habits your success rate goes through the roof.
  • → Ask for help. If what you are doing isn't working reach out for help. Nothing is as frustrating as watching your effort net no results sometimes an outside perspective help you to see things in a new way.