In the peak of their popularity in the late 90’s and early 2000’s it was difficult to go to a fitness facility and not find stepmills. They were a very popular machine on cardio floors allowing users to have a never ending set of stairs in a very small space with adjustments at the tip of their fingers. Stepmills began to lose some of their popularity in the 2000’s for many reasons; elliptical market advancements & popularity, improvements in treadmills cushioning, cost of ownership, and reliability of the product.

Today stepmills are resurging in popularity and perhaps nobody is offering a better product than Matrix Fitness and their Climbmill lineup. Matrix didn’t want to reinvent the wheel on stepmills, but rather seek to improve on the areas that current models in the industry were falling short. By assembling a panel of service technicians, fitness facility owners, and end users Matrix gathered data on all the ways they could improve the stepmill design. Leading to a transformational product, the Matrix Climbmill.

Matrix has improved the serviceability, performance, user interaction, and cost of ownership on the Climbmill. The Matrix Climbmills boast a comfortable 10” step-depth to accommodate a wide range of users. The incorporation of a multi grip ergonomic hand rails design with built in controls creates a safe and comfortable user experience. The addition of a control zone sensing safety feature also makes the machine incredibly safe. Highlighting the commitment to providing a better product investment are features like an anti-rust frame design, sweat managements system, and oil free modular drive all designed to extend the life of the product. Matrix has quite simply taken the best stepmills on the market and improved all of their features to create the best owner and user experience in the market today in their Commercial Matrix Climbmill line.