Author: Scott Mautz, Store Manager/Certified Fitness Trainer, Mequon, WI t40 A recent blog post talked about the importance of strength training for women. Next question is “What do I do???” A variety of aerobic activities and resistance exercises are best for enhancing a woman’s overall health. Courtesy of the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Here are the Top 10 exercises for Women. If you need a little technique guidance on some of the exercises, please visit any local 2nd Wind Exercise store, we will gladly assist! 1. WALKING: safe, effective way to improve aerobic endurance and reduce stress, while also decreasing the risk of coronary heart disease. 2. SQUATS: These target the major muscles of the lower body-the butt, thighs and hamstrings-all in one movement. 3. LUNGES: Need help going up stairs? These are your exercise. Like the squat, these work the hip and thigh area. t40 4. CRUNCHES: Best done a stability ball. The abdominal area helps support the lower back and the spine. 5. BACK EXTENSION OR COBRA: Back extension and the Cobra yoga pose strengthen the lower back, which stabilizes the core and helps keep the body in proper alignment. These muscles in the lower back are used in nearly every activity. 6. ROW: Performed with dumbbells, one arm at a time. Great exercise for posture, upper-back strength and osteoporosis prevention 7. PULL-UPS: Defines the back, shoulder and arm muscles. Keeping these muscles strong can help prevent the gradual stooping that often occurs with age. It takes time to build up enough strength to do a full pull-up without a spotter or assistance. Use a chair for support until no longer needed. 8. TRICEPS DIPS: As women age and tend to use their arms less, they lose muscle. Dips can be performed anywhere (including an office chair), helps keep the back of the arms toned and strong. 9. PUSH-UPS: upper body exercise that helps define shoulders, arms and chest. Since a pushup can be tough for some, you can do a modified version starting on your hands and knees (instead of toes). 10. REVERSE DUMBBELL FLY: This works the muscles of the upper back. Great exercise for improving posture and helping to prevent rounding of the back. Contact us at to learn more!