Vision Treadmill Equipped with a Full Featured Console Including Sprint 8

A Word About Console Programs...

Console workout programs can be a great added benefit. Custom programs allow you to create your own personalized variations of distance, speed and incline, and then recall them whenever you want to run that same workout. Programs created by personal trainers however are designed to give you the most benefit in the shortest amount of time and also vary your workouts so you don't get bored. One unique program created by Vision Fitness and Phil Campbell called the SPRINT 8 program exclusively on Vision Fitness® cardio products is an anaerobic exercise programs that is specifically designed to help combat somatopause, the medical term for the weight gain, loss of muscle, energy decline and wrinkled skin you experience when you hit middle age.

What is Sprint 8?

The SPRINT 8 program consists of four minutes of sprint intervals in which the Intensity is determined by the user's level of fitness. These sprints are broken out into eight, 30-second segments followed by 16 minutes of "active rest." The program includes the following phases:

  1. The warm-up period to gradually increase your heart rate, respiration and the blood flow to working muscles.
  2. Interval training starts immediately after the warm-up with a 30-second sprint interval. Seven recovery intervals of one minute and 30 seconds will alternate with the eight 30-second sprint intervals. The treadmills also notify the user when the speed and elevation will automatically change.
  3. The cool-down period helps return your body's systems to resting levels. Less demand is placed on your heart during recovery if an appropriate cool-down takes place following the exercise.

It's Quick and Easy

Best of all, this world class workout only takes 20 minutes to complete!

The other nice thing about VisionFitness treadmills is that each home treadmill frame is designed to work with any of the consoles options: simple, deluxe or premier. You can simply choose the console that fits your needs and match it with the frame that offers what you want.