Trim Up While Traveling for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Workout

Thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year for traveling. While you are busy celebrating and catching up with family and friends. It is easy to forget a workout. Here are a few traveling workout tips to keep you motivated throughout the holiday.

1. See the sites, old or new:

Where you're reminiscing over childhood memories, or visiting a new place, make sure you get out and see it. Go for a long walk or a jog. If this is where you grew up, go for a stroll to see how things have change and bring back memories. This will make it feel more like and adventure rather than a workout. If you've never been there, it will feel exciting to gallivant around town.

2. Stuff your suitcase:

Make sure you pack plenty of gym clothes. On your down time, go to the fitness center. If you are in a hotel with a pool, unpack your swimsuit and go for a swim. Or check out some new trails and go for a hike. Grab a cousin, sibling or spouse and go together.

3. Download your favorite workout:

Share your favorite workout with your family, while everyone has some down time or are waiting to get going. You'd be surprised how far a 20 min workout video can go while traveling and enjoying a Thanksgiving feast.

4. One step, two step:

If you're staying in a hotel and are on the 15th floor, take the stairs! It will be challenging and even if you do it one time a day, it will still feel good. If you love stair climbing at the gym, take advantage of being at your hometown and go to the high school football stadium. Climb until you can't any more.

5. Just do something:

This is the perfect opportunity to play with your niece or nephew you only see a few times a year. Take advantage of their energy and play with them. Play catch with a parent or go for a walk with your grandparent. This will get your blood pumping so you can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, guilt free.