picture of turkey vs chicken

Does that seem like a funny question?

After all, these two aviary cousins are both part of the poultry family, wouldn't logic suggest that they are nutritionally identical? Well, not quite. Generally, chicken has a higher fat content and more calories. Based on USDA data, 5oz (147g) of chicken breast has 249 calories, 13 gm of fat and 93mg of cholesterol, as opposed to 5oz of turkey breast, which has 154 calories, 3g of fat and 86mg of cholesterol, they are however fairly equal in protein, with chicken only having a slight edge. For either bird, your better off removing the skin, and grilling, or oven-baking rather than frying. If you would like to eat more turkey but steer clear because it's not as tender and juicy as chicken, find a nice brining recipe for your holiday bird, or marinate the breast prior to cooking.

As far as cost is concerned, turkey is generally more expensive than chicken, and chicken is usually more plentiful and on sale more often. The bottom line? As the popularity indicates, most people are willing to tolerate a little extra fat and calories to save money and arguably get a more tender and flavorful meal.