Author: Nathan Coleman, Senior Store Manager & Certified Fitness Trainer, Rochester, MN


The Vision 7200 Suspension Trainer is an elliptical that combines stride adjustment with incline to allow for a more intense work out. The machine also features the newest technology on best biomechanics for your body, which allows you to maximize your workout results.

The incline starts at a 13 % incline and increases all the way up to a 39 % incline. A unique aspect of the Vision 7200 includes stride adjustment; as the incline increases, the stride will adjust itself from 20 inches up to 23 inches to ensure you are not positioning knee over toe and placing extra pressure on your joints. With most other incline ellipticals on the market today, there is a known benefit of incline in relation to burning more calories, but a lack of combining incline with proper machine biomechanics to best suit the body. With the Vision 7200, one can increase the intensity of the exercise with the incline, and also engage various muscle groups by allowing stride adjustment.

This unit also offers the quiet-glide drive system, which is great if you enjoy watching TV, reading, or listening to music while working out. One would not have to increase sound volumes to hear over the machine. There are a lot of other machines on the market that use wheels and a rail system; this adds noise to the work out, and added friction points. A huge benefit to this suspended unit is that it comes with no maintenance, due to not having rails to clean off or lubricate.

The Vision 7200 also has program ability to isolate certain muscles groups that you may want to focus on, such as Glute Burn, Calf Toner, and Quad Toner.

If you are looking at getting a quick, high intensity workout, look no further! Vision offers the Sprint 8 program - a 20 minute program that allows you to get your heart rate elevated quickly. This program allows you to free up more time without letting your results take a back seat.

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So at the end of the day, if you are looking for a machine that has more versatility than any other machine on the market with incline, stride adjustment, sculptor programs, high intensity programs, extra heavy gauge steel frame, and one of the best warranties on the market, look no further than the Vision S7200HRT!

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