Bike Types Author: Tedd Falk

It’s time to get a piece of in-home fitness equipment and you’ve narrowed it down to an exercise bike. But now you went to the store and you learned that there are 3 different kinds! Here we make the case for all 3 so you can choose the right machine for the right reasons:

1. Recumbent Bike: The La-Z-Boy of exercise equipment. Recumbent bikes have a back rest to lean against for a little bit more comfort and support. This can be a plus for certain medical conditions and for the right person, the added comfort can be a motivational tool as some machines can become uncomfortable which can deter you from using it. Working out is hard enough as it is! Recumbent bikes can also be a bit easier to access as they are lower to the ground and have the option to have what’s called a “walk through” design. Therefore, you won’t have to step up, or step over anything to get on the bike. Recumbent bikes can have simple or more complex workout features, but almost all will have the option to choose a program that will guide you through a workout. It will be up to you to decide whether these programs will help you better achieve your specific goals.

2. Upright bike: As the name suggests, you are seated upright with no back rest when riding this bike. Where the recumbent bike can cause the perception that you are not working as hard because you are leaning back, the upright will not, and this can keep some riders more engaged in their workout. The majority of upright bikes have a large cushioned seat as opposed to what you would find on an outdoor bike, which most people find to be ideal to maximize comfort. This type of bike is best for the rider that likes to stay seated throughout the workout as most of these bikes are not built for standing sprints from a feel or durability standpoint. Like the recumbent style, the upright can come with simple or more complex workout programs that can guide you through a workout.

3. Spin Bike: Spin bikes are for the true bike riders out there and they do a better job of replicating outdoor road biking. If you are the more aggressive racing type rider, this might be the right bike for you. While some seats can be replaced, spin bikes typically come with your standard outdoor bike seat which may not be comfortable enough for some riders. You will also have the ability to ride while standing and this will feel more natural as opposed to if you were to do this on a standard upright bike. While upright and recumbent bikes will include a computer console to guide you through a workout, everything will be up to you on the spin bike. Most spinners only include a resistance knob that you can turn to either increase or decrease resistance and the option to add a computer to track RPMs, calories, distance, time etc.

No matter which one you choose, they can all help you achieve your goals! Good luck!