Warm up exercises Author: Tedd Falk

1. Motivation! : Usually working out with a partner helps us push a little harder, but having someone who truly wants to help you achieve your goals can be extremely encouraging. It also takes away the ability to make excuses as you’re ultimately paying for the service so you don’t want to be throwing money out of the window.

2. Personalized workout plans and goals: Not everyone knows exactly what they should be doing at the gym or on their piece of in home fitness equipment so a personal trainer can help you come up with a more efficient way to reach your goals. You may also have specific needs as far as past or current injuries or medical conditions and a trainer can help you work around these issues.

3. Nutritional advice: Whether you are looking to lose weight or put on muscle, nutrition is going to be half the battle and a trainer can give you advice on when and what you should be eating.

4. Better utilize your equipment: If you have a home fitness gym or are utilizing a health club, there’s always the possibility that you may not be using all the features your fitness equipment has to offer. Chances are your trainer does and can help you get the most out of your equipment.

5. A helping hand: I’ve always found that stretching can sometimes be best performed by two people. Whether it’s that tight hamstring or back muscle, an extra hand to apply a little bit more pressure or better alignment can make all the difference in increasing your flexibility.