Breakfast is the one meal in which the phrase “bigger is better” can apply - within reason, of course! Eating a big breakfast that includes proteins and healthy fats gives you a great start to the day and can help you feel fuller for longer. Eggs are an ideal breakfast food – the 5 reasons below explain why!

  1. Eggs keep you feeling full for much longer than cereal or a bagel

    The protein and fat in eggs make them an ideal candidate for suppressing your appetite and allowing you to avoid having a “second breakfast” later in the day.

  2. They are great for fueling your workout

    Eggs provide your body with the necessary amino acids to grow and repair your muscles, while their healthy fat content gives your body a slow release of energy to keep you going through your workout.

  3. Eggs are relatively inexpensive

    Eggs are easier on your wallet than other high-protein foods such as red meats.

  4. They help with memory and brain development

    An essential nutrient called Choline is in eggs. This nutrient has been shown to stimulate brain functioning and increases memory.

  5. Eggs help protect your eyesight

    Leutin and Zeaxanthin are two antioxidants present in eggs that have been found to help protect eyes from UV damage. They also have been linked with reducing the likelihood of developing cataracts in old age.