Too tired to work out? Before you plop on your couch after a long day, try to go for a walk instead—even if you feel too worn out. University of Georgia (UGA) researched found that regular exercise has a big impact on increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue.

Patrick O’Connor, co-director of the UGA exercise psychology laboratory, Rod Dishman, a kinesiology professor, and lead author Tim Puetz analyzed 70 randomized, controlled trials that had a total of 6,807 subjects.

Of the studies analyzed, over 90% of them showed the same results: sedentary people who participate in a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared do groups that participated in no exercise program. Furthermore, the study found that exercise had a stronger effect on the treatment of fatigue as compared to drugs such as the narcolepsy drug modafinil.

So if you are tired at the end of a long day, don’t waste your money on coffee or an energy drink—instead enjoy the summer air, lace up your sneakers, and go for a walk around your neighborhood.

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