picture of workout motivation tips

Heard that one before? Yeah, I tell myself that one almost daily. Why is that? Why is that once you start working out it's easier to do it the next day? It seems that once I've started the rhythm it's effortless to keep it going, especially after I start feeling better, which usually takes less than a week.

The bottom line is that motivation is probably a much more devious enemy than other excuses like access or even time. What? It's always about time! I don't agree, I think we all find the time for something we are motivated to do. So how do you self-motivate?

For me, the best way to accomplish something is to get started, and the best way for me to get started is to start small. Instead of visualizing your workout as a big hairy deal, just do something minor, remember the point is to just do it, that's all you want to do, just get started (even if it's for just five minutes).

Here's a good article with some other great workout motivation tips. Enjoy.