You probably understand the importance of a good fitness routine for your overall health. In fact, you may regularly incorporate a healthy exercise program in your daily life when at home. If you travel much, you’ve probably noticed the difficulties that arise in keeping this healthy routine when you’re on the road. The varying schedules, time changes, unfamiliar surroundings and other stressors of travel simply don’t accommodate your regular exercise routine. You can, however, learn to find fitness opportunities while traveling and take advantage of them.

Like most things, great trips begin before you ever embark on them. Planning is key. Do some research before your trip to learn about fitness opportunities at your destination. If possible, book a hotel that features fitness amenities you can utilize. These might include a well-equipped, onsite fitness center, classes and fitness sessions for guests, onsite running trails or in-room yoga videos. On a recent trip to Maui I booked a hotel with a 24-hour fitness center so I could do my workouts in the morning as to not ruin any of my travel plans. I used a site called Gogobot to make the distinction between which Maui hotels had the right fitness amenities.

Working out in your hotel room is easier if you pack for success. Bring along your choice of portable exercise equipment to help you get a powerful workout in minimal space and a short amount of time. Equipment options include a simple exercise band, a TRX trainer, a yoga mat and fitness videos. Be sure that you also pack comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to wear while exercising.

You can also get exercise at the airport. Many airports have begun to cater to health-conscious travelers in a number of ways. Some supply walking areas for flyers on layovers. Others have Zen rooms where travelers can do yoga, stretch or spend some time reducing stress by meditating. Many airports have also begun offering healthier food options at restaurants and snack shops. If you have particular concerns about the food options you will face, bring some of your own snacks. Raw almonds are a particularly powerful snack that you can easily slip into a bag or purse.

Getting exercise during your travels helps greatly to reduce the stress traveling can cause. Take the above tips to get yourself started on the road toward successful fitness when traveling. Remember to be mindful of the opportunities that arise. If you don’t have a full hour for working out, take advantage of smaller time slots. Simple things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator will improve your overall fitness level. Every little step counts.