Diet experts say it’s not unusual for those who are closest to you such as your BFF, significant others, or family members to try to get you off track from your weight loss goals. This trend is especially prevalent when you initially start to make changes.

There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, people don’t want you to change your eating and exercise habits for the better because it makes people feel guilty about their own. Misery loves company – those who are unhappy with the way their body looks would rather have you be unhappy with yours, as well. Another reason friends and family might try to sabotage your effort is because the idea of a thinner you may intimidate them. They might be concerned that after you drop a dress size other people will find you more attractive, and you might find your current partner or friends less attractive. Insecurity and Jealousy may be to blame for your guy wanting to take you out to a fast food venue for dinner after you start making changes to your diet!

Fortunately, you don’t have to pick between a weight loss plan and your relationships! There are things you can do to help your friends and family come around to the idea of supporting you, and maybe even joining you on the path to being more fit and healthy! Talk to your friends about why you are not going to order fries at the restaurant. Explain to them that you want to become more healthy and feel better about yourself. Being real with them is the best way to stop them from nagging you about your newfound healthy choices. You might even inspire some of them to join you!

If your partner is the one trying to derail your diet, explain to him why you are trying to become healthier as well. In addition, tell him your commitment to him will not change and that you will still make time to do things with him including going out to eat occasionally. Lastly, tell him you love doing things together with him and ask if he would want to join you on your journey to living a healthier life! Talking to loved ones about why you are changing your habits will make it easier for them to the change and more likely to lay off the next time you insist on taking the stairs.