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Get yourself BACK in the Game!

OK...raise your hand if you have ever had back pain!

Exactly as I thought...everyone with a hand.

Lets take a simple look at why most people have back pain. We know that it’s hard to avoid pain from an accident, injury or a genetic condition, so this is for the general public.

Just like anything, If you use it enough, you will wear it out. Your lower back is the region we are talking about, which is the OPPOSITE muscle group of your abdominals. Your low back keeps you from falling forward just as your abdominals keep you from falling backwards. The muscles must be in balance...but how many times do people complain about sore stomach?

Posture is the #1 reason most people have a problem. The average person sits over 50% of their waking hours...If you are hunched over then your low back spine is usually in an expanded state. This is where the discs are being “rest” on and are getting squished out of the bottom and back part of your spine.

While standing...most people have a posture issue that is the result of not actively engaging the core muscles in the abs AND glutes. This causes the pelvis to be anteriorly tilted to the front. This is when someone has an excessive curvature in the low back and hunched shoulders. It is a sign of weak abs and glutes and causes the disc in the low back to be squished or “compressed”. This is where the pain in coming from. If you were on the bottom of a 10 person dog-pile, you’d feel squished too!

The key to helping your back feel better is 2 things…

  1. Stand up straight...Keep your ears, shoulders, hips, knees all in alignment. See your mom was right. So call her up and tell her you’re sorry you didn’t listen...and she was right. (And don’t forget her Mother’s Day gift)

    Your muscles can make you taller and it takes the pressure off of the lower discs. When sitting, do the same thing. It is the most simple conscious thing you can do to feel better anytime!

  2. Strengthen your core! Keep your Abs in tight AND squeeze your glutes! When you contract your glute muscles, it helps to pull your pelvis into a “Neutral” position that allows your spine to rest on a more stable and flatter foundation. Your discs will not be so compressed.

Also...working on strengthening your abs and low back with either an exercise ball, inversion table or “roman chair” can help to keep the muscles awake and keep the spine more stable!

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