Are you ready for the biggest exercise equipment development in over 20 years? Octane Fitness has cracked the code to offering users the ultimate zero-impact running experience with the new Zero Runner. This machine is going to change the game for runners looking to maximize their training and minimize the negative effects of training on the body.

The Octane Zero Runner is different from any traditional exercise machine. It offers several key advantages over the three most popular training options—outdoor running, treadmills, and elliptical trainers.

When comparing to outdoor running or treadmills, the obvious advantage is no impact. Outdoor running on the streets creates a high level of impact and treadmills can mitigate that, but not eliminate it completely. While some impact can be good, and you might want to train on the surface you race on, giving your body a break with occasional zero impact workouts will allow for heavier training and less damage over time. The end result is better performance and less chance of injury.

When comparing to a traditional elliptical, you will see that the freedom of movement is much greater on the Zero Runner. Not only can you create your own stride length, but the key is the knee joint built into the machine. This allows the user to bring their heel up as they do in a natural running movement.

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The other question that comes up is, "Can you get a real running workout on the Zero Runner?" I can tell you from my personal experience, within 40 seconds of hopping on the Zero Runner I was at 150BPM using a heart rate monitor. I topped out at 164BPM when really pushing myself but was able to find a comfortable range of motion and maintain in the 150’s for a full workout.

The freedom of movement feels great, and you can really tell that your muscles are working. For the majority of my workout I was in the mid to high 40’s for stride length. That is amazing freedom of movement when considering most traditional ellipticals are 18”-21”. There is a bit of a learning curve with the Zero Runner because of the excellent free range of motion. Give yourself some time when first hopping on one.

How to Get Started on a Zero Runner:

To sum it up, the Zero Runner is a great new option for runners looking to train with zero impact. Go to your local 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment store and try it for yourself today!