For anyone with a gym membership, it is well known that the worst time to run is generally directly after the typical work day; finding an empty treadmill can be even more difficult than pushing yourself to even go to the gym. But does that mean this is the best time of day to get in your exercise?

Studies vary between what is considered the best time of day to go running, strong arguments can be made for different parts of the day

The case for running in the morning:

Research has shown that running in the morning might keep you more motivated to run. In studies compared to those who run in the morning versus those who run in the afternoon or evening, morning runners are more consistent with their workout regimens. For those who are training for a race, research indicates that your body can adapt to the time of day that you normally train. Most races are run in the morning, so if you are training for a race, your body will adjust to early-mornings runs.

The case for running in the afternoon:

Research has shown that it is best to run when your body temperature is at its highest, generally around 4 or 5 pm. Other studies have confirmed that exercisers perform better on physical performance tests, including aerobic capacity, endurance, reaction time, and strength between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m.

The best time to workout depends on what time is best for you and your schedule, so pick a time and stick to it!